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Default Re: You Have My Permission To Lounge

Interests or OBSESSIONS outside of batman?

Cinema, certain directors/tv shows. I grew up as a huge basketball, hockey and baseball fan. Barely keep track of it nowadays but i still go to games once in a blue moon. It's playoff season in hockey right now so im supporting my home-team, the Habs.

Rabid music fan. Drummer. Listen to every genre i can think of but still very picky about the artists. Heh you guys can probably tell by how much i put the emphasis on "originality", same goes for music too. Old school hip-hop, progressive music, various metal, funk/soul, old school reggae/dub, psychedelic rock, 80s pop & new-wave, electronic...god damn everything.

Actually gonna start some new music with my longtime buddy very soon. Should be diverse. Anybody else in a band?

Im probably one of the biggest wrestling fans in this city. Mainly WWF 1988-ish to early 2001.....since the wrasslin' business has gone to s**t since Vince McMahon bought out his entire competition, then changed it to "WWE". F**ckin joke now (unless you're a hater, then it's always been a joke )

Starting to get interested in art as well. More surreal stuff.

That's my list of obsessions outside of the goddamn Batman. What's yours hypesters?

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