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Default Re: You Have My Permission To Lounge

Haha, shauner I feel like we're so much alike.

I'm a music guy and musician myself...guitarist. Pretty big into metal and hard rock, but I listen to everything. Lately I've been getting into listening and playing 8 string djent stuff like Periphery and Animals as Leaders. I like it heavy with some groove, please. \m/

I love rock from all eras though, I just have my phases where I get a little more metal-y, and I'm in one of those now heh. I'm always writing and recording stuff with my friend too, but we're not in a band. Just a serious passion/hobby. Mostly rock, but also orchestral too. Working on film scores is a dream of mine. In my sig I have a link to an orchestral/metal tribute medley to Zimmer's Batman that I recorded a while back. The mix isn't as polished as it could be, but I was getting overloaded with projects and wasn't sure when I'd get around to doing a better mix.

I'm also into filmmaking. I had stopped working on all personal film projects for a while, but I'm just getting back into it. Funny story, my friends and I started making a movie back in 2006 when we were in college. Long story short, it was way overambitious and we kept shooting up until 2009 but it never got finished. But this year we decided it finally was time to finish the damn thing, so over the course of a few weekends this year we finally wrapped production. Now it's on me to edit/score/mix, which might take a few months. It's a completely absurd and ridiculous Ninja movie, and none of my friends are real actors but it was just something that we bonded over and got really passionate about, so I wanted to see it through. Life just got in the way for a while there. The hilarious thing about the finished movie will be seeing footage of them 8 years ago intercut with footage from now. But yeah, once I finish that I'm looking to write/direct more shorts. Filmmaking can be a huge pain in the ass to do on your own with no budget, but it's also great fun if you surround yourself with the right people. I live for my hobbies.

shauner...we should talk rastlin' some time. And it's so weird, I grew up a huge baseball, basketball and hockey fan too. I still follow baseball and I too fell off the hockey bandwagon, but am back on it now because....LET'S GO RANGERS!!! So there, we found our one key difference.

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