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Default Re: You Have My Permission To Lounge

I use to be a huge wrestling fan, mostly during the same time period as Shauner. One of my idols and favorite wrestler of all time is Mick Foley. I remember going halfers with a friend of mine back in grade 8 to watch Royal Rumble 2000. Main event Cactus Jack vs Triple H. Oh how I hated Hemlsey during his peak time as a heel. Good times!

I'm also into music too, lol. Started on drums but pretty much sucked, although what it really came down to was me really wanting a guitar. So I soon got one in 2003 and haven't really looked back. Big 90's Alt-Rock fan, but I also appreciate a little bit of everything.

Obviously I'm a big fan of film. So that goes without saying. I grew up on Football as a kid and became a big fan of Mixed Martial Arts after I became bored of professional wrestling in 2009.

I guess this lounge has some use after all, lol.

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