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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by HaplessHenchman View Post
It's funny that so many people, especially older film critics, went into MOS thinking they were going to see another Donner SM movie, and hence were disappointed and "nit-picky" in their critiques.

In my opinion, it was refreshing to see Superman finally able to "let go" against an opponent of equal power instead of having to resort to those lame "additional" powers (cellophane \S/, weird white light out of the fingers) in the Donner movies.

FYI: I don't mean to rip on the Donner movies too much. They were great for their time, and I really enjoyed them as a kid, but they have not aged well.
you don't get it. they don't age. they are still as fresh as rose to most.

The superman returns comics strips were created during the production of the movie in 2005 we were longing a superman movie too long and we were basically going crazy of every bit of the leaked news and rumours. let's the fun returns!
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