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Default Re: Nightcrawler in the Apocalypse Movie

^ I agree. Now the truth is that we don't know what happened to Nightcrawler in, as hot-small-fry put it, Timeline Prime, between when he was born (assumedly to Mystique and Azazel) and when the X-Men met him in X2 (other than we know that Stryker captured and used him).

Which means we have no idea where and what he was doing back in 1985, which means the storyline can be anything.

Personally, I hope they show Xavier going around recruiting (similar to what we saw in First Class - but with more story to it). I hope that Nightcrawler was raised by a Gypsie Queen and that he is the star of a circus in Europe. I hope that he'll find himself in trouble where the people are coming after him because they believe that he did something that he didn't. And I hope that Xavier finds and helps him and ultimately brings him back to the mansion.

Further, I truly hope they get, at least a little, into his relationship to Mystique. What a great storyline for both Mystique (JLaw) and Nightcrawler!

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