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Default Ahab - The Horseman Famine

I've posted a thread about how I believe Wolverine will be used as the Horseman Death in the X-Men: Apocalypse movie.

This got me thinking about who could be used for the other Horsemen. I've speculated on Mystiaue, Gambit and others; but one that really makes sense to me is having Ahab...

Ahab, IMO, is a pretty cool villanous character that has yet to be used. Introducing him in this way, as a Horseman, makes using him ina future movie (whether X-Men, X-Force or whatever) easier.

Let's first talk about Ahab as a villain...

Ahab is a guy names Rory Campbell, who was a psychologist who joined Moira MacTaggert's research team on Muir Island during the time Excalibur was stationed there.

He discovered that in an alternate future of Earth he became the mutant-hunter Ahab, creating and leading the mutant trackers called "Hounds." He tried to prevent that future from coming to pass. Later, when Rory lost his leg in a laser accident, he realized that things might be heading towards him becoming Ahab. He later got a bionic leg from Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club.

Ahab can generate powerful energy harpoons that are formed from, and attached to, his own life force. Anyone who attempts to grab a harpoon gets burned. Each harpoon is keyed to its target's genetic structure, and cannot be moved or deflected by energy; it only stops when it strikes its target, or a close blood relative thereof. A hit from one of these harpoons can kill or seriously injure the target. A person who survives finds their neural pathways burned out and unable to move.

Finally he succembed to the influence of Apocalypse and became the Horesman Famine. As Famine, Ahab drains his victims' lifeforce resulting in emaciation and worse.

Obviously we can't use the Muir Island concept since Moira is ruined, but everything else about Ahab as Famine could be included.

What I love about using Ahab as the Horseman Famine is that it can be used to tie in the Age of Apocalypse timeline (a possible future) that includes Hounds, and specifically Rachel Summers.

I'm not saying this should be used in this movie, just that by including Ahab it opens up as a tie-in this future possibility.

Also, the other Horsemen (assuming Death will be Wolverine) shouldn't just be throwaways. Yes, some of them will need to die/be defeated, but at least one or two of the other Horsemen should be semi-developed characters and they can get away (possibly with Apocalypse) so they can come back in the next movie.

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