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Default Re: Captain America 3 Villian

One scenario I've been thinking about would be bringing the Skull back similarly to the way he was resurrected in the comics (issue v1 #350 to be exact.) At the end of CA:TFA, Skull is pretty clearly zapped into the Nine Realms by the Tesseract. What if only his body was zapped into the cosmos and his consciousness somehow got trapped in the Tesseract?

The cube is recovered by the S.S.R who after the war recruit several former German scientists into their ranks including Arnim Zola. No doubt the cube was being studied by the S.S.R and later S.H.I.E.L.D during the intervening years between TFA and TA in which case Zola might have secretly discovered that Schmidt's mind was inside the cube.

Given that CA:TWS already established Zola was successful in transferring his own mind into an A.I. then it would not be out of the realm of believability that he would also be able to transfer Schmidt into a new body or like the aforementioned comic issue into a clone body of Steve Rodgers. Since Steve would still be in the ice, Zola would have to use an alternate source for his DNA. The main option would be the samples of Steve's blood the S.S.R drew from him after Erskine was killed the hopes of trying to reverse engineer the SS formula.

This is how they could replace Hugo Weaving. By having Chris Evans play a dual role as both Steve Rodgers and his clone self; Johann Schmidt reborn. A great potential scene could be Schmidt getting his face disfigured back into the Red Skull by the "dust of death" or some other means and having Evans don the mask/makeup. It could also be revealed that the newly revived Skull was really the one behind Hydra's reemergence in the present day.

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