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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 47

At the end of the day if JL decides after Apocalypse she is done that's fine. Mystique has had some amazing scenes and story in the films. She isn't necessary. It's only because it's Jennifer now that Fox would want her back. If Michael is the same so be it. They fulfill their contracts and they chose to come back amazing. If they don't well that's fine. It's their choice and people should respect it. For all we know right now Jennifer can just be a bit tired. Filming Hunger Games and X-Men after each other would be pretty exhausting. Once she's done with Hunger Games she might be up to more X-Men films because they would be the big movies she does and then can focus on doing the more smaller projects in between.

Michael it's unsure. He's doing all his intense roles but has the sequel to Pronetheus and Assassins Creed. He is with Fox with X-Men and Prometheus so he might have a good working relationship with them and continue to do more X-Men.

To me anyway having Prof X is the most important. And Nicholas I mean really outside of this he hasn't got as much big work compared to Michael, Jennifer and James. He shouldn't complain lol.

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