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Default Re: Nightcrawler in the Apocalypse Movie

^ Agreed. The fact that in the original timeline Nightcrawler was found as an uber-religious character at the church is now retconned. It would possibly make more sense for Professor Xavier to go out and find Nightcrawler when he was much younger, prior to him getting all those tatoos and being at the church.

That's why I'm interested in the whole European Gypsy Circus thing. Having him be a main highwire attraction in a traveling circus has a lot of appeal for me. Having him possible forced to use his powers to save someone (Amanda Sefton), thus exposing who and what he is, would be amazing. And having Professor Xavier show up at the right time to prevent the crowd from attacking him, so that he can be brought to the school around the same time a Jean, Ororo and Scott makes a lot of sense. Yes, he'd be a few years older than Scott and Jean and Ororo; but only a couple, which means very little. Him being 20 while they are 17, 15 and 14 wouldn't be that bad!

I just love the idea of getting into Mystique and Nightcrawler's relationship in this next one!!!!!

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