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Default Re: What do you want from future Batman movies?

Originally Posted by Harry Dresden View Post
Making the Joker into a straight up serial killer has and always will be a horrible uninspired idea.
To each their own. But he wouldn't just be a straight up serial killer, more of a mass murderer/terrorists in a sense. It would be more like killing on a whim because he's insane and enjoys causing chaos/killing. At the of the day, he's always been a serial killer in every adaptation more or less, just not in a formatted fashion, where he stalks his victim, kills them, leaves a calling card and that is his only motivation. Which it wouldn't be in my plan either, he wouldn't be restricted by serial killing tendencies, he would just be an insane murder that commits murder during his crimes, at random or in plots to destroy Batman/Gotham etc. etc. etc. There are many ways to make him a vicious murderer without making him strictly a serial killer, but serial killer/mass murderer are terms that describe what I was trying to say. I didn't mean he would be strictly a serial killer, though I do see how my post would cause that confusion given some of the things I said/terms I had to use to describe how I want his character done.

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