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Default Re: What do you want from future Batman movies?

Excluding the Animated series and Silver Age characterization, the Joker has and will always be a serial killer. As for what I would like from the upcoming films, here is my revised list:

-Red Hood origin for Joker. I would prefer they model the Hood off the Zero Year characterization.
-Bat Cave with the trophies: if they cannot do the Penny from the Penny Plunderer or T-rex, at least have costumes and props from the villains, like Bruce had in Batman Beyond.
-Leslie Thompkins. She is one of the best characters in the franchise and has been ignored for far too long in the live action film medium. It's time to stop the marginalization of a wonderful character.
-A Secret Society. If one cannot do the Black Glove, use its copy, the Court of the Owls. It's time they shift the villain dynamic in the Batman films.
-Return of Gothic architecture.
-Batman analyzing a crime scene (a la Sherlock or Arkham Origins.)
-Arkham Asylum. As a measure of the series' narrative's progression, I'd like a shot or mention confirming the preceding film's villain going to Arkham.
-Stop killing off the villains. Disable them and have them shipped to Arkham/Blackgate.

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