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Default Re: Original Actors returning - Official Thread

Originally Posted by psylockolossus
If the comics can go on for decades, I don't see no reason why they can't come up a story for the OT cast's fifth X-Men film.
Sure they can. But they have already established that Apocalypse is going to take place in the 80s featuring the younger cast. There isn't a lot of room to put the original cast in that timeline without it seeming forced or rehashing the time travel plot.

And as if the star power of the actors who appeared in these X-Men films is the sole reason why people watch X-Men films. Thats just not the case. Famke Jannsen and James Marsden were not exactly super popular actors when X1/X2/X3 came out and those films were still successful.
Of course not. They were making good films (X1, X2) so people showed up. Then they started making bad films (X3, Origins) so they left. Then they started making good films again (FC, The Wolverine, DoFP) so they came back. There is a delay there, but it isn't rocket science.

That said, star power does play a part. Would DoFP made as much as it did if Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence weren't in it? Probably not.

And yet, The Wolverine earned less money than First Class at the American box-office? Its pretty much clear that Hugh Jackman's X-Men movies with his fellow original cast members bank more money at the box-office compare to his solo Wolverine movies. And like I said the original cast were pretty heavily featured on the marketing. Its not really about their star power that drove the mainstream viewers to watch the movie but mostly its the nostaglia factor, they could be all has been at this moment but the original cast members will forever be the ones that started this franchise and made it successful in the first place and them coming back together for the 1st time in 8 years is one of the selling points of this movie. Just with the big reaction of the audience when they saw Famke/James at the end of the movie pretty much said it all. The audience didn't have a reaction because they are well-known actors, but mostly because they are well-known to the X-Men characters that they are playing in the series.
The Wolverine did worse because Origins was awful. No surprise there.

As for the second part, the big selling point was WOLVERINE interacting with the past characters, with a little bit of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. That was where most of the marketing was. Scott, Jean, and Future Beast weren't in the marketing at all and Rogue was a complete afterthought. The others were afterthoughts that could have been easily replaced by any generic mutant. Quicksilver got more focus in the marketing than any future character other than Logan, Xavier, and Magneto. A lot more.

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