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Default Re: Original Actors returning - Official Thread

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
Sure they can. But they have already established that Apocalypse is going to take place in the 80s featuring the younger cast. There isn't a lot of room to put the original cast in that timeline without it seeming forced or rehashing the time travel plot.
And a lot of people already said that they might be book-ends in this film. Which I can see working if done right.

Bringing the original cast back make sense since they were a part of DOFP and they were the ones who are set in the future. Don't you think people won't wonder why the heck they are doing another film in the past, when everybody is already alive and well in the future at the end of the DOFP? I think the series putting the focus on the previous decade, might throw off some viewers especially without the future period/present cast not getting action in Apocalypse. Anyway we'll see.

Of course not. They were making good films (X1, X2) so people showed up. Then they started making bad films (X3, Origins) so they left. Then they started making good films again (FC, The Wolverine, DoFP) so they came back. There is a delay there, but it isn't rocket science.

That said, star power does play a part. Would DoFP made as much as it did if Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence weren't in it? Probably not.
And would DOFP made as much as it did if the OT cast members except for Hugh Jackman weren't in it? It would feel just like the prequel characters + Wolverine. You keep making as if Jennifer Lawrence saved the franchise and that is not the case.

Another film with the original cast can be a success too. And it doesn't need a Jennifer Lawrence to bring in the big bucks.

As for the second part, the big selling point was WOLVERINE interacting with the past characters, with a little bit of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. That was where most of the marketing was. Scott, Jean, and Future Beast weren't in the marketing at all and Rogue was a complete afterthought. The others were afterthoughts that could have been easily replaced by any generic mutant. Quicksilver got more focus in the marketing than any future character other than Logan, Xavier, and Magneto. A lot more.
Have you seen the marketing? Or are you just talking what you saw in the actual film? Patrick Stewart/IanMcKellen/Halle Berry/Ellen Page were heavily featured on posters and TV spots. Then throw in the visual factor from Iceman/Colossus and the other new mutants in the future which showcase the scale of the film. Scott/Jean and the future Beast weren't part of the marketing but obviously, their appearance probably strengthen the word of mouth from viewers and who knows how much impact their appearance did for the movie.

And FYI, Quicksilver wasn't featured that much in the marketing so I don't know what you are talking about Quicksilver getting ore focus than any future character? His power display were only first shown in the last trailer which came out in April and I haven't seen him in any of the posters and people only responded to him well when they saw the film.

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