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Default Re: Gambit in the Apocalypse Movie

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
So long as we get some Rogue/Gambit at some point in this franchise. I'm game.
Now that's unlikely.

IF Gambit is going to be in Apocalypse, that means he'll be hanging with this next generation of First Class characters, not the X1-X3 group.

Gambit should be somewhere between early 20's to early 30's in a mid-1980's movie, while Rogue wouldn't have been born yet.

X1 took place in 2005 and Rogue was what? 16? Maybe 17?

That would make Gambit somewhere between early 40's and early 50's when Rogue was 15 or 16 or so.

Ummm... that's just icky!

Unless they somehow send the 2023 Rogue, who would be in her 30's, back in time to the mid-1980's or so; or send mid-1980's Gambit forward in time to the 2020 timeframe; I think it's safe to say that we will NOT be seeing Gambit and Rogue in a romantic relationship.

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