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Default Re: X2: X-Men United - 10 YEARS!

Yeah we do.All non-FC films are now erased from contunity.

We have people here arguring the OT cast had nothing to do with success of DOFP,that casting of youn Cyclops,Jean,and storm shouldn't be concerned with ending of DOFP,and
rail against some OT being In Apocalypse.

Once you start taking films out of contunity they are ilrelvent.

X2 matters to Apocalypse and beyond as much as dark trilogy matters to BVS,The original Star trek to Nutrek3,any of the precraig bond films to Bond4,sorry it can't be called bond 24,and Terminator genesis to terminator 1 and 2 after the tiem travel in film also erases the past.

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