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Default Re: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice News, Set & Official Photo Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by John-An View Post
I think Snyder know this would happen, especially since tomorrow and thursday gonna filming and the statue gonna be on sight. I don't think the statue was for this purpose, it's too obvious. I think is gonna be smth created by Lex or from the people of metropolis since they saw all the acts between MOS and BvS if there's a 1-2 years time period between the movies.
Could be. Maybe done on purpose?

Two things:

Superman fans have been concerned about the lack of Superman stuff and this statue at least for now has gotten many Supes fans to lower their concerns.

This has pushed the script rumors to Superman will be killed off in BvsS. So it may well be dissembling. Snyder is good at this. They could have totally hid the statue with a very large tarp.

The statue is too obvious as you say - a large majority of sites reporting on it now assume the film will be the DOS s/l.

I'm speculating and the argument that killing off Supes and bringing him back in JL 2 allows JL 1 to focus on the other JL members and cost less (really?) is out there. Don't buy it but that is my opinion.

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