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Default Re: Who is the main villain of this movie? *SPOILERS*

Catwoman worked because she wasn't a straight up antagonist. More of a tweener of sorts and that's kind of a stretch to a degree. But I definitely love that about Nolan's trilogy too. I love how there was always this kind of pyramid or hierarchy when it came to the villains:

Batman Begins:

Carmine Falcone > Scarecrow > Ras' Al Ghul

The Dark Knight:

Sal Maroni (or you can just say the entire mob) > The Joker > Two-Face

The Dark Knight Rises:

John Daggett > Bane > Talia Al Ghul

TDK one I'm sure people will disagree with how I put that one together, but I had Two-Face over Joker only because The Joker pretty much creates Two-Face, which expands on the freak idea. But obviously The Joker was head honcho when it comes to villainy in the film. That's a given.

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