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Default Re: Original Actors returning - Official Thread

Originally Posted by HIA View Post
why does it matter if a character had a small role years ago?
Because you are asking TOO much of the audience. To expect them to care about this character, a very minor/insignificant character, from a bad movie 10 years ago.

Kitty had a cameo in two movies, then got a supporting role, and now she is a bigger part of the franchise.
She was a supporting player in TLS. MUCH more involved than Angel was in that film. And she returned in DOFP to another supporting, yet integral, role. Angel had a small small supporting role(if you can call it that) and then disappeared. There has been no advancement for him. Why should/would the audience care at this point?

That can be the case with all the x-men.
sorry but that argument makes no sense to me, in a building franchise like this one that is hungrier than ever
In a building franchise important characters don't get neglected for 10 years. You don't go from a useless afterthought character in X3 to this super important character that Apocalypse has to some how time travel 30 years to get in XMA. It doesn't add up and its cheap.

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