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Default Re: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice News, Set & Official Photo Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Steelsheen View Post
marketing would design a logo for that line of business that would be most appropriate for the demographic theyre trying to capture, but if Lexcorp is some kind of Fortune 500 company (which is what theyre trying to convey with all the bits of news we have so far), they would have an official logo, and this is what they would usually have plastered on trucks and buildings (this is in addition to the LOB logo that i mentioned).
Well you've seen the LexCorp logo on trucks and buildings. On the trucks it's the same logo. On the construction site seeing as how it is going downward might be a little hard to use the same logo as on the trucks. And my theory is the LexCorp skyscraper with the red, white, and blue logo could be his Lex for America headquarters. And if that's the case you don't go slapping your presidential campaign logo all over everything business related. I think this is the primary/default logo for LexCorp

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