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Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
Ugh... I typed a longer response to this and I got an error when I was about to post it.

Ah, that makes sense. You know, for a while there, I actually thought Jesse saw a Ricin cig on his pack and Walt was planning on poisoning him.

Remember that GIF I said that I thought spoiled me? It was that set of both Walt and Jesse making the video confession. I'm so glad that like the Gus thing, it turned out to be not like how I thought it would play out.

Is this a spoiler? Based on what I've seen so far, he's an oveager POS beaver, which of course Walt likes because it strokes his ego.

I finished ep 12 last night so I'm planning to do 13/14 tonight and then the last two tomorrow night. This show officially ruined my social life for 3 weeks
Ah sh**...I think you have to blame me, I was the one who reblogged that. lol

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post

BTW what were people thinking/feeling about Walt this season? I mean, he's brilliant and awesmoe and all that but can't imagine everyone loving him this season as much as in the previous seasons. He's done some really, really s***ty things this season. I still haven't forgiven him for Mike. It's quite amazing how in this season, he's really both the protagonist and antagonist. Granted, I'm only speaking for the episodes I've seen.
Yeah this show for me has always been gray with almost every character. Walt, Jesse, Hank, Marie, ect ect have all broke bad, but yeah you can say Walt carries the biggest weight out of all of them especially in this season. I don't find myself actively hating on any character like some fans tend to do (Skyler gets the worst out of all them for some reason...even in season 5/6 sadly enough), i'm more fascinated with each of their character development and see the paths they've chosen and how logically it pays out.

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post

BTW did something happen to the guy playing Hank during the Season 5 filming? I noticed that he lost a lot of weight and he looks soooo haggard this season. It's like the actor got sick or something.
Nah he said he was trying to lose some weight between seasons.

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