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Default Re: You Have My Permission To Lounge

This show does stay with you for a long time, doesn't it? It's the morning after and I can't stop thinking about it. SO GOOD. Definitely one of the best series on television. The finale was so satisfying as well.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Ep 14 is definitely worth the hype. INTENSE is how I'd describe it. Hank's death was depressing. Heck, I even got depressed seeing Gomez bit it. I love that even though Walt was an ass all throughout the season, I still can't help but feel bad for him in the last two episodes. I still blame him for Mike and Jesse's fate though. Jesse... this poor kid! Seeing him chained like that was just brutal. Talk about the PTSD he will get from that experience. I totally died when they showed Skinny Pete and Badger. Love those two!

I feel like it's on Aaron Paul's contract that he must be beaten up every season and it's on Cranston's contract that we must see him just wearing his uderwear every season.

Figures that the first thing I saw when I went on Tumblr after watching the finale is the speculation that everything that happened in the final episode after the first scene was just Walt's fantasy/dream.

The fates of Todd (and his uncle's gang), Lydia, and Gretchen/Elliot were very satisfying. Really liked how open ended the fates of the characters are after Walt's death although there's a part of me that wanted to see more of Jesse. Hopefully happy and starting fresh and not actually caught and in prison.

The acting! All the awards!

I enjoyed watching this on marathon because everything felt fresh and I didn't have to go through the torture of waiting a week/month(s) for the next episode but my regret for not watching it sooner is that I missed the experience of the hype/speculation/reviews from fans that came with it. I bet that was super fun.

I'm kind of surprised at how unspoiled I actually ended up on this show. The only thing I really knew for sure before starting to watch this was that Walt died at the end but outside of a few things here and there I saw on Tumblr (GIFs), everything came as a surprise.

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