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Default Re: You Have My Permission To Lounge

Yeah it makes total sense, it just wasn't what I was personally hoping to see at the time, in fact it was precisely the ending that I saw coming and was sort of rooting against. But in the end it's probably better that they went with an ending that fit the story they set out to tell rather than going for shock value or dark for the sake of dark. I still think Walt had a LOT of luck in his final hour and I don't think he necessarily deserved it. I just really hated Walt, sure I pitied him in the final two but I still didn't want to have to root for him. Seeing an ending that seemed to vindicate "Team Walt" kind of bugged me to an extent. I feel like there was a ballsier way they could've went out. But I'm over it now and love the show too much as a whole to let my own personal feelings cloud my judgment on what is clearly a very fitting ending.

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