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I agree. I love it now. But at first i wanted him to go out like Scarface. For real. A totally insane shootout where Walt destroys the cops, somehow with the same machine gun he wiped Jacks men out with. I dont know how that would have went down, maybe he just finds a different machine gun in Jack's little playground. As he's hitting the cops down like a massacre, he gets hit. And then you get the same final few minutes as we got. But i just think he should have went down in a blaze of glory by not just redeeming himself, helping Jesse and getting revenge on Jack but also doing something despicable at the same time like killing innocent officers.

I do love the ending though. It ties up everything. But it's also kind of heroic with a hint of "Walt gets what he deserved". Which is why im at peace with it. Sort of. But maybe it didn't need to be so heroic. Maybe Walt should have done one final, desperate and evil deed before he goes. Maybe when Jesse tells him "do it yourself"..that sets Walt off. Jesse drives away and look at Walts face, he still looks bitter. That's when i would have him stumble into a room, find a gun, hears the sirens and steps outside waiting. He wants to die but he wants to go out like Scarface. He wipes em' all down except a few who get a couple of shots at Walt. He doesn't have Tony Montana's insane amount of bullets in his body lol, nor is he drugged up, that's not Walt, and you don't want to copy Scarface either. But it's an inspiration. He literally stumbles into the meth lab and that's when you get your ending with "Baby Blue".

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