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Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Haha, I feel like I should start spoiler tagging in case some poor soul who hasn't seen the show wanders in.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
See yeah, I think I could've went for something just a touch darker like that. It's the idea that Walt of achieving some sort of inner peace before dying that I took some issue with. You could've done a very close ending to the one we got, but kept Walt more detestable to the end if he took some innocents down with him like you suggested, maybe not intentionally wiping out the cops though. It just felt a little too neat and tidy, like they were trying really hard to give the audience permission to root for Walt again.

But yeah, it's still a great ending. I'm not complaining about what we got but it's still interesting to think of the other possibilities they could've went with.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I like his look at the end, he seems satisfied and that to me is dark. Because he has nothing. He dies on his terms (in a blaze of glory before the cancer gets him: just not as violent of a blaze of glory as me & u predicted). His son will always hate him. He never got to say goodbye to him. He ruined the lives of Skylar, Marie, Hank, etc. Who knows where Marie and Skylar end up. Marie could be on the verge of a breakdown, same with Skylar.

Everytime i write out a darker ending, i end up thinking about it hours later and end up satisfied with the real ending. I think i became at peace with it when i heard Vince Gilligan say that he ruins everyones life, gets what he deserves, to die alone in his lab, yet he's happy because his kids have the money and he gets to go out like a dangerous king forever. His name is remembered. Gilligan also said that Walt is way too intellectual to just go out like one of Jacks men would, and just unload like a thug. So they had him go out quietly, but while creating a genius device that could slaughter the whole gang.

That's why im cool with it. Even though i envisioned Scarface 2.0.

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