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Default Re: All Things Wonder Woman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
You're confusing what the subject of a franchise is; therefore, you're misidentifying its origin.
Heh. Ok, if Toy Story is Buzz Lightyear's origin, and Avatar is the origin of Avatars (did you watch the movie??), then yeah I'm most definitely confused as can be.

You can always keep going back in time and say its the origin of one thing or another.
Yes, something always precedes another. Still has nothing to do with the initial contention that properties can flourish without devoting half its running start to slowly explain the genesis of characters.

Of course a WW origin could be great. And I wouldn't highly object to it. But there's this prevailing notion it has to start at her beginning...or else (?).

Anyway this argument is moot as I'm being vindicated as we speak. By the time Diana gets her solo film, it'll be her third cinematic appearance. Nothing left to be said there.

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