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Default Re: All Things Wonder Woman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by haephestus View Post
Re: Origin film for Wonder Woman's solo movie

Personally, I sure hope not. At least not a traditional origin film. Wonder Woman would have already appeared in BvS: DoJ and Justice League by that point. Wonder Woman's character would have already been established and the basics of her origin developed to the extent possible.

That typed, I would prefer to see Wonder Woman's solo film rooted firmly in her mythology to expand her character as a whole, not just her "origin". A movie where Wonder Woman is almost solely based on Themyscira and dealing with threats from her own mythology (e.g. Greek gods or monsters) would be my preference. They could touch upon any elements of her origin which haven't already been established at that point in time or as required to serve the purposes of the story (e.g. if Ares training Diana as a child were somehow relevant to the plot, then it could be raised).
People forget that there are all sorts of ways to tell origin stories. Batman Begins jumped of few years at a time up to the present. MOS used flashbacks. Captain America was all in the past. Iron Man was all in the present.

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