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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Directs Everything Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
Does he really direct everything? Screen Rant wrote a while back that JL will complete Snyder's Superman trilogy. They didn't elaborate but it sounds like he might not do JL2? I'm sure they will make JL2 and more beyond that. Its not a given Snyder will direct those films.

I disagree with Rant referring to JL as part of the Superman trilogy and even BvS is really a team film. Hope they are wrong on that. A trilogy implies solo films and Superman by the time JL comes out will have had just 1 such IMO.
No. One. Cares.

No one REALLY CARES, yes, even the fanboys/fangirls like you if this is or is not a true sequel. No one cares if there is a "true" trilogy, a "pseudo" trilogy, and imagined quadralogy or what have you... As a a Superman fan I am getting in a short period of time films that cover both Superman's origin, a team up with Batman and Superman, and Superman in the Justice League along side his fellow DCU heroes. As Charlie Sheen would say... "WINNING". Cuz that is how I feel as a fan of Supes. I really could give an airborne copulation if it's a true sequel or what the cuss... What does it even matter? Really?

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