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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Directs Everything Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
No. One. Cares.

No one REALLY CARES, yes, even the fanboys/fangirls like you if this is or is not a true sequel. No one cares if there is a "true" trilogy, a "pseudo" trilogy, and imagined quadralogy or what have you... As a a Superman fan I am getting in a short period of time films that cover both Superman's origin, a team up with Batman and Superman, and Superman in the Justice League along side his fellow DCU heroes. As Charlie Sheen would say... "WINNING". Cuz that is how I feel as a fan of Supes. I really could give an airborne copulation if it's a true sequel or what the cuss... What does it even matter? Really?
This pedantic criticism over whether or not BvS is a "true sequel" given the rumoured existence of "Man of Steel 2 (2018)" which is clearly a placeholder of a name is the definitive example of whining syndrome.

No matter what happens, people will complain, because their emotional inclination is to ***** about WB/DC and talk about how it's not as good as Marvel.

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