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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Directs Everything Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Beige Lantern View Post
MoS 2 is all but confirmed now, and I'm glad. MoS deserves a proper sequel, and BvSoJ is getting more and more crammed into it (Criminy, even the name is packed with crap).

I'm glad that's happening too, but I felt a lot better when I heard a true MoS 2 is happening as well.

After seeing 300, Watchmen, and then Sucker Punch (which I really enjoyed) I think I'm starting to get Snyder. He has an almost obsessive concern for some things (visual spectacle, visceral violence) but a complete disregard for other important things (natural consequence, making any sense). There's some real genius in there but it always seems to end up kinda garbled, much like Tarantino. I LOVED MoS but you have to acknowledge its undeniable warts.
Welcome to the forum Beige Lantern.

I like Snyder too. I think another theme of his are emotionally grey endings. There are no super-hollywood happy endings in his movies. Victory comes at a cost for Snyder.

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