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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Magic Man View Post
Thanx for posting those. I have the zero issue with the young Diana costume but don't think I'd seen the adult battle skirt design. Very cool! Well, except I'd miss the tiara and I wonder why there's armor for only one arm.
Wonder Woman wore that armour (crafted by Hephaistos) when she went to Hades/Tartarus/H3ll to retrieve Zola in the New52 comic book. I think it has only appeared in a single issue so far.

The one arm armour aka manica was pretty popular in Roman soldier armour and gladiatorial armour. I think it was basically intended to protect the "sword arm" since that's the one that would be doing all the swinging around. The other arm was expected to be protected by the shield.

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