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Default Re: The Superman suit Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by ArmsHeldOut View Post
To my knowledge, it hasn't been addressed yet.

I also noticed the smooth surface and wondered the same as you did. It would certainly be nice if Wilkinson's team managed to devise a way to hoist the shield over the mesh skin texture of the suit.
If it was up to me, I'd keep the yellow bit textured and have a smoother red S over it. Then I'd also have the boots be exactly the same shape but again, have them have a different, smoother texture.

Then, at the very least, I'd make the gold bits of the belt smooth(er) too, as I thought EVERYTHING on the suit having the same chain mail texture was too bland, and certainly didn't make sense with a belt buckle.

Those are the main changes I'd like, although changing the belt to be more solid, and minimalizing/removing the cuffs and other blue "trim" would be really welcome. I'd rather a few decorative seams (like on the batsuit) than all that raised rubber trim.

I wonder if the altered suit will be an actualy new suit for Superman, or just "retconned", as if we're meant to think it was always like that. Probably they won't mention it at all.

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