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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - Part 63

I think it does make logical sense to the story. MoS left a very important thing hanging. The worlds reaction to Superman and the events of MoS. That wasn't explored at all. It should have been i feel.

Featuring it for this film makes narrative sense. The world is going to react to Superman. That includes other superheroes and villains. Aquaman not being happy about the world engine makes perfect narrative sense. Lex maybe going into propaganda mode, besmirching Superman as an alien interloper who brought destruction to humanity. Batman sensing that Superman will bring more harm than good (a higher form of war, to quote the Avengers), at least at first.

I also said a while ago that i can see the apparent death of Superman being the spark that unites the heroes. That makes them form the Justice League. Superman sacrificing himself plays along with the whole Jesus parallel too.

It's obviously a big juggling act. So much stuff is going to be crammed into this film. WB/DC are putting all their eggs into one basket. Snyder must make the best film he's ever made for this to work. If he doesn't nail this film and it doesn't make much more than MoS, all these plans about other hero solo films will be DOA.

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