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Default Re: All Things Wonder Woman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
Yup, it is moot because origin movies are usually made and they earn money.

It already isn't starting at her beginning because she'll be in BvS and JL, so where is this "prevailing notion it has to start at her beginning"? Don't know why you were arguing about this all along.

We're talking about her first solo movie that will come after 2 appearances.
There were several claims that origin is necessary because we needed to get to know her. Or that she wasn't enough of an established character to be afforded the luxury of simply telling a story.

Considering she will in likelihood have already appeared twice before there is even a possibility of an origin driven story, what does it say about those appearances? Are people going to be complaining BvS and JL didn't do her justice?

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
^Indeed. A story that spans from pre-history, to ancient Greece, to the modern day, covering war, revenge, forgiveness, motherhood, gods, the hero's journey and the cause of peace and love over hatred. It could be epic. But the suits have to deliver on the script, funding and talent behind the cameras.
I'm semi-hopeful as WW will be made in an era where Hunger Games and Gravity have established the success of female solo films. Otherwise I'd be very nervous.

Everything hinges on the director, because for me it's the overall vision that will need to be unique in order to successfully bring Diana to the big screen. If they only get competent writers, producers, and a director, I wouldn't be convinced they're not making something more than just a female superhero movie.

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