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Default Re: All Things Wonder Woman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by Jekecy View Post
Right, but none of that hinges on an origin story. Her character has several adventures to go through, all of which have equal possibility of being great.

I'm not advocating a complete sidestep of her background. A few scenes here and there, if it's relevant to the bigger picture. I'm just not a fan of devoting two acts to pure set-up. I think it's a waste.
If it's an origin movie, it wouldn't be set-up. It would be what the movie is about. How much do you know about Diana's beginnings? Sounds like you could benefit learning about it.

Her origin would cover the introduction of magic, gods, Themyscira and the Amazons, her costume and weapons, and key supporting casts. You may not be interested in learning about the character's mythos but the whole point of a solo movie is to devote more attention to one character. That's why origin movies are optimal to start with because it's about who they are rather than fighting whatever villain.

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