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Default Re: All Things Wonder Woman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by Jekecy View Post
You misunderstand. My issue is with origin movies tending to tell two different narratives. Typically the first two acts are devoted to telling the character's origin. The final act is a forced action set-piece which includes the villain and saving the day. 99% of origin movies suffer for this and I hate it every time. Even Batman Begins and the original Donner film suffered from this. It has never failed to feel like two separate movies in one package.

That's my problem. No matter how much time is spent developing the character, ultimately the film is always going to switch paces by introducing a threat only the hero can save and end in some grand battle scene with their arch-nemesis. It's disjointed and I've never seen an origin story successfully make that transition.

The only origin film I've admired is Unbreakable. That is literally all origin. Start to finish. But I understand it's structure is not befitting for a blockbuster budget, so I'm not too peeved about it.

If the writers can somehow weave the threat naturally along with Diana's development, I'd be all for it. I just think it's unlikely.
If that's the only origin movie you admire, then it basically boils down to what you like which is fine. The majority of viewers don't share the same categorical distaste for origin movies. So, that's not really an argument against making them. You need to consider audiences other than yourself.

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