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Default Re: All Things Wonder Woman: An Open Discussion

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
That's not entirely true. The market speaks. The more people pay to watch a movie, the industry will create similar movies to meet those demands. So, we do influence what kind of movies get made. Not all filmmakers have a deaf ear either. Snyder and Goyer both responded to criticisms against MOS and fans have influenced movies before.
But in that sense we are making change by voicing our personal opinions which happen to coincide, creating a larger voice and (potentially) affecting production. That's different from expressing our desires for a movie based on the status quo.

Not all discussions boil down to taste. Anytime someone brings up consensus ratings or sales they're speaking on behalf of the GA. You can argue the merits of something without resorting to taste.
Well those are facts and numbers. Anyone would be foolish to interject their own feelings with hard facts.

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