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Default Re: Timeline(s) in Apocalypse

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
So then, in 1985, when Professor X and Magneto went to visit Jean Grey, how old was she?

Because we all know that even though the timeline is changed, and maybe Xavier now didn't go visit her in 1985 (maybe he did it by himself (or with Beast) earlier), she was still born at the same time. That wouldn't change.

So, how old is this girl in 1985?

She looks younger than 15, 16, 17 or 18; and again, this is 2 years AFTER when the movie will take place!

By the way, for reference, Haley Ramm (pictured above) was only 13 in 2005 when this 1985 scene was filmed!!!!!
I bet it will be ignored tbh

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