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Default Re: Finally a Hulk Franchise?

Originally Posted by MakeMinesMarvel View Post
The Incredible Hulk II with a interesting partner situation.. similar to Widow/Falcon in TWS. Bring in Rick Jones or Cho? Introduce Jennifer but not as She-Hulk just yet. Make The Hulk speak for real this time.
I'd love that idea. Banner and Rick Jones would be like Walter White and Jesse on the big screen. Now that I think about it Aaron Paul would make a great Rick Jones.

The in between Hulk moments are going to need some good characters to to keep things moving. Cho and Jen Walters would be great additions too. With the right story, I can't see why they can't all be in it.

Leader can be the core villain with Crusher Creel and Abomination as physical enemies. I think all those ingredients can make a decent 1st Ruffalo movie.

Instead of the New Warriors triggering the Civil War, I think a Leader controlled Hulk event can cause it. Mind control leading to mass destruction and accidental loss of lives.

Avengers shoot Hulk off into space and the next movie is Planet Hulk, whilst the next Avengers movie is Civil War, which will eventually lead to World War Hulk when the Hulk crash lands in New York in his stone ship at the post credits.

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