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Default Re: Rank the transformers movies

Bump. I finally saw DOTM on the weekend when it showed up on TV. Thank goodness for the DVR's "skip" function though...

1. Transformers = 7/10. A decent if unspectacular opening for the series. The only one of the trilogy I feel has any re-watch value.

2. Dark of the Moon = 3/10. There could have been a coherent story there, but Michael Bay don't do that no more. If he ever did. Once the film moves to Chicago it turns into a mix of disaster & action movie pr0n. I found myself hitting "skip" several times in the final 30-40 minutes to get all the ridiculous scenes over with and try to find out if there was any story left.

3. Revenge of the Fallen = 1/10. The forest fight is the only redeeming scene in this burning, stinking, noxious tire fire of a movie. It is still the worst movie I have ever watched in a movie theater.

I have no hope that the fourth one will be any better than the last two.

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