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Default Re: Transformers 4 Twitter Reactions/Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Well obviously anything in this thread is going to be in subjective territory.

In fact any criticism of any movie will be subjective.
It comes in varying degrees.

'I didn't like the movie' vs 'Why is it so hard to make the Autobots/Decepticons engaging characters you emotionally root for/against...'

Both are subjective opinions, the later pertaining to more than just an opinion of the film but rather some quantitative observation. As it pertains to the later, it's not hard at all, cause they actually do, do it. What you mean is why is it so hard for them to make you yourself emotionally root for/against...
The answer to this question takes on a different form from the answer to the initial phrasing. For instance, perhaps it's not the film but yourself. Like I said, plenty of people were affected by primes death and they perhaps did enough to meet this end, you simply require more...

I just tend to get tripped up by phrasing especially when it flies in the face of itself. It's like if someone said "why can't they make the fight scenes in terminator 2 more emotionally engaging?" ummm..the answer being perhaps that one simply cares little for robot action vs that film needs help(lots of people did fine with it).

It's not a matter of subjectivity but rather just what it is you are saying(subjectively)

"A man named Hal Jordan was recruited 45 years ago into the Lantern core, flight testing in the midst of the Viet war. He hasn't returned to the relatively measured as primitive earth since. Upon his return from what could be considered hell, the weathered soldier and man out of time has short trimmed grey hair, scars, and a warning of a looming threat that motivated his return to his home planet. He's also surprised and weary to see a Kryptonian on Earth"
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