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Thank you, I read again your original post.

It´s a really good question.

I think his codename would come from:

1. Charles already being aware of his codename, when he probed his mind in DOFP. He might reffer to him as "The Wolverine" in Apocalypse, when the events from DOFP need to be addressed and he needs to give explanation about Logan (to either the young X-Men, or Magneto or whoever serves the story).

2. Apocalypse gets a hold of him and uses Stryker to have Logan undergo the Weapon X Project. Apocalypse could have read a glimpse of Logan's conscience from the OT timeline (maybe shards or fragments that remained on his "present" (1973) conscience, and learn about Logan´s life in the OT (learning he was called Wolverine). With that, Apocalypse can serve as Romulus did in the comics. Being the real person behind the Weapon X Project and baptizing him as Wolverine.

I think storywise, the second option fits way better.

Ending Apocalypse with the amnesiac Wolverine would be so great, runnin´away from everything. If Apocalypse put him some mental blocks to hide him from Charles, it can lead to endless possibilities. Exploring his wilderness before being picked by the Hudsons... Or even a Madripoor storyline... Russia...

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