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Default Re: Shia LaBeouf isn't famous anymore

Originally Posted by Victarion View Post
I can only imagine the kind of screenplay that Shia would pen.
Shia LaBeouf conquered every known human discipline by the age of twenty. His mind...a steel trap. His hands...lethal weapons. He was a legend in his own time whom no man could defeat and no woman could resist.

After becoming a world-renowned master thespian granted the Lifetime Achievement Award by the age of ten, LaBeouf became a brilliant comic book writer and screenwriter of short films that changed the face of both the comic and cinematic landscapes...forever.

After defeating a conspiracy of jealous colleagues to derail his growing legend with slanderous charges of plagiarism, LaBeouf was inspired to use his powers for good. He set out on a globe-trotting trek to stamp out injustice wherever it was found, interrupting sinful play performances and dealing out swift justice to any street gangbanger foolish enough to cross him.

Along the way, he had a torrid affair with Megan Fox...and every other woman he ever met, and quickly proved himself as much a master of the bedroom as of the fight cage.

But his greatest challenge lay ahead. This epic saga builds to a riveting crescendo of masculine overdrive as LaBeouf sets on a collision course with his arch-nemesis, Tom "Warrior" Hardy...a duel that will decide the fate of the very fabric of civilization.

That may bear some sliver of resemblance to what goes on inside LaBeouf's head.

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