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Default Re: Gambit in the Apocalypse Movie

Would you like to possibly see Gambit as one of the Horsemen?

I could see a story where Gambit meets Storm in Cairo (or somewhere in Egypt) and they become friends. I would love to see her try to steal from Gambit.

Gambit breaks into one of En Sabur Nur's pyramids and Storm either comes along, or follows him. Instead of finding treasure he/they find the crypt and mistakenly awaken Apocalypse.

Either they escape together or Gambit does something to help Ororo escape, seemingly sacrificing himself. Maybe Ororo gets caught in a cave-in but is saved by Professor X and Beast.

Ororo is now at the school and later, after she is trained and meets Scott and Jean, maybe Nightcrawler as well, when they battle Apocalypse, Gambit is revealed to be one of the Horsemen. This makes it tough for Ororo and she gets defeated (temporarily) because of it. They either work together to win, or maybe escape in order to fight later in the movie at which point they overcome the obstacles to win. Apocalypse, of course, escapes (so he can be back in the Age of Apocalypse - coming to theaters in 2020).

Personally, I really want to see Wolverine as the Horseman Death, making him the tough one to defeat. I wouldn't mind Gambit as one of the other Horsemen, maybe Pestilence or War, but he couldn't be the main baddie.

Of course another way to use him is to have Gambit working for Apocalypse. What if he brought Storm to Apocalypse on orders, and then had a change of heart, which is when he seemingly sacrificed himself for her. It would be a great twist, and similarly to the comics, he wouldn't necessarily be a bad guy, just not a complete hero...

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