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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

I love Famke for speaking out like this.

I was so disappointed with what they did to Phoenix in X3. I mean, the build up was so good already in X2. And at the beginning of X3, Jean had a nice build up. I actually liked how she lost it in the mansion and the house. The lines were there.

Unfortunately, after "killing" Prof X, Phoenix was suddenly reduced to an accessory of Magneto. Seriously? After the house scene, the Phoenix was just staring and standing beside Magneto as he waged war against humanity. Come on, the Dark Phoenix is supposed to be selfish, pleasure-seeking, and unstable. A mutant can't just "subdue" her to stand by. Man, I could feel how Famke was so frustrated as she just stood and said nothing all throughout the film.

And... no fire bird.

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