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Default Re: Ahab - The Horseman Famine

^ Not always. For example, Caliban has been both the Horseman Death and Pestilence.

The main point seems to be what the Horseman's powers are, and less what the character's powers were prior to being changed.

For example, the Horseman Pestilence seems to always be able to cause desease. The Morlock Plague already had desease type powers, but they were augmented to an unknown degree by Apocalypse during the transformation. When Lorna Dane (Polaris) was turned into Pestilence and given the ability to ingest and synthesize new plagues without harm, controlling the virulence and particular genetic markers. She was then capable of then releasing this virus or plague as a combined mutated strain or as the various separate plagues they originally were.

The Horseman Famine always seems to have starvation type abilities. Roderick Campbell (Ahab) was given the ability to drain energies, reducing energy attacks to nothing, and to weaken anyone with energy-based powers. He mainly drains his victims' lifeforce resulting in emaciation. Autumn Rolfson could disintegrate organic matter and induce extreme hunger pains in humans and animals. She can also cause an emaciated state through physical contact.

The one Horseman that was more generic, as far as the specificity of the abilities, was Death. Pretty much all incarnations had the ability to, well kill. Archangel, Gambit, Psylocke, Logan, etc.; all were altered to be better killers, but in some cases the specifics were not known. Gambit, as Death, had the ability to convert inert materials into toxic substances; for example, transforming breathable air into poisonous gases. I am not sure if it was ever explained what exactly was changed for Psylocke and Logan, as Death, other than Logan being given his adamantium back.

I could see Polaris used as Pestilence, since she's a popular character and it couldn't hurt introducing her, although her powers being effectively Magneto's could cause confusion for the general audience.

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