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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

Originally Posted by MrsKent26 View Post
I'm not opposed to Clark learning from the Kents, but I'm really not fond of them coming across as perfect paragons of goodness. Sometimes they way they talk (Smallville) doesn't sound like anything humans would say. It's just too grandiose and self-important. I'm all for them instilling values, but please no long-winded speeches about destiny. That's what I mean by "pompous." Actually, what I was hoping for with MOS, was a sort of Tree of Life origin for Clark that let the Kents be flawed people that worried about doing right by Clark, but still allowed them to be catalysts for his good ol' country boy mindset. MOS did try to do this and succeeded in some ways, but it was just too sparse. The characterization gave way to the sci-fi stuff and an over-abundance of Jor-el. I would have preferred that there was no Jor-el hologram to prattle on about Krypton.

As for the Jesus stuff...I have never understood what it adds to the movie. So he's like what? Perhaps it's just there to hammer in the idea of "This is important **** here!" But I'd argue that's not needed because most people know the idea of someone endeavoring to become Superman is important enough.
To me that was usually in relation to the Luthors. But, for the most part, they weren't shown to be perfect. Especially Pa Kent who was really a douche to Lex to the point that some fans wonder if he were nice, maybe Lex wouldn't have turned out so bad. Anyway, the main takeaway from the Kents is to just simply do good and that's all they hope for. In the stories where they both pass away, it's Pa Kent's dieing wish. Often used as the moment he goes from Superboy to Superman.

I'd drop that whole country boy Li'l Abner stuff that some people like to use. It feels like some stereotypical thing about farmers. And in some stories, Clark wasn't on the farm for too long anyway as the family sold it and just dealt with the General Store.

I think at most, Jor-El and Lara should just have a final message to their son and some history of his people. Would've been cool to see a Birthright moment, though. And as a sidenote... I'd like to actually see a young Jor-El in live-action someday. They always like to go with older guys.

I think part of it goes back to Jor-El. If you drop the whole lead them the way/show them the light/whatever aspects of him, you lose the God (the Son) metaphor since Jor-El is no longer viewed as God (the Father). All Jor-El did was simply try to give his child a chance to live. Simple as that. No clue if he'd really make it or how he'd turn out.

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