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Default Re: Who thinks Sinister will make it?

Originally Posted by Robin91939 View Post
I honestly think/hope that we are getting two films with Apocalypse.

A X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016 taking place in the 1980s with Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Young Cyclops, Young Nightcrawler, Young Beast, Young Jean, Young Storm and Gambit... The story ends on a cliff hanger

Then in 2018 we will get an X-Men: Apocalypse Part II taking place in a time where Apocalypse has reawaken in the present with Cyclops (Marsden), Jean (Janssen), Storm (Berry), Xavier (Stewart), etc. where there is a parallel story in the 80s that continues along simultaneously.

I think this will be their "using the original trilogy cast" as well as confirm what Lauren Schuller Donner has said was going to be a "true X4." Not to mention, there is a "mystery" X-men film on the docket.

This is honestly the best idea and it would work perfectly. In the animated series (90's version) the had Apocalypse in the Past timeline and the future timeline.

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