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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction - Part 4

A lot of the movies in the UK lately have been resorting to tricky shenanigans to make their opening weekends seem much better than they are.

For example, Transformers has the biggest UK opening of the year, just pipping DoFP. However, Transformers had been running for something like 7 days by the time the 'opening' weekend was over. The same happened with Bad Neighbours. The movie started 'previews' on the previous Saturday. On that first weekend of 'previews' (Saturday / Sunday) it was technically the number 1 movie, but those figures weren't included for that weekend's gross, instead rolling into the next weekend with 6 days of previews plus the three day 'opening weekend'.

It's getting a little ridiculous and they should really curb this nonsense.

On another note, does anyone know how the exchange rates affect the reporting of the worldwide gross for movies? For example, the pound is very strong right now, meaning a movie would technically make more dollars. How do they prevent this distorting the figures?

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