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Default Re: Ahab - The Horseman Famine

A movie for X-Factor and X-Force would be cool, personally I prefer to see The New Mutants film first because thats the first X-Men's splinter team. But eh, I think as importance is concern, they aren't really that important to be translated in a live-action film, thats just my opinion. Fox already expanded the universe by doing Wolverine solo films and First Class and making more films with the characters that were already introduced in the 2000 film. We got 7 films in 14 years, if you don't think they didn't expand their universe then I don't what that is.

With Marvel Studios, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor were always gonna be the golden boys. Just look at the videogames and TV shows they released before their movies came out, those four had a lot of appearances. And I know Marvel is also releasing movies for their other properties like GOTG, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. But even if those films don't do well at the box office it won't affect Iron Man, Avengers and their other successful properties. But if a film like X Factor doesn't do well, I could see it affecting the other X-Men films.

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