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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction - Part 4

Originally Posted by 8ulk View Post
There is NO way in hell Maleficent beats XDOFP WW gross.It will beat CAP2 TWS but not XMEN.

And Trans4ormers actually is in great shape to beat Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon WW gross considering it has yet to open in 7 major makets plus a few more minor ones.
(Japan , Spain, Venezuela,Germany,Brazil,France,Italy etc.)
Mostly thanks to major China expansion.
Funny a blockbuster like this to have bigger numbers in China.
I guess we will see more of that in the coming years as China grows bigger and bigger.
Unfortunately there is a sizeable chance that happens. Maleficent is at 672m WW now, probably has at least 10m left DOM, probably around 30m maybe more in Japan (19.3m total now, estimates have it ending around 50-60m). That will be 712m WW. I suspect the remaining territories could cough up another 20m+ too. Looks to be close, but I'll give the advantage to Maleficent since it's having a good run in Japan thus far, I wouldn't be surprised if it ended closer to the high end (60m). That would be mean a 740m or more finish WW, slightly edging out DOFP.

But honestly, other than Maleficent fans gloating because they beat all the superhero movies this year, it doesn't really matter, since DOFP has hit almost all targets:

1. #1 comic book film
2. 500m OS
3. Outgrossing X3 (not happened yet, but there's a slight chance. If it doesn't get there, it will get very close)
4. Big return for the franchise.

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